Compared: PlayStation Credit Card vs. Mastercard Gold Card

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

If you’re shopping around for a new credit card, it could be time to take a step back for a serious inventory of your interests and spending habits. That’s because the cards we are going to explore below are very different, and each could be great for two different types of consumers. One of the two is a head above the rest for the average shopper, however. That’s what we are going to demonstrate below, here’s what you need to know about the Playstation and Mastercard Gold cards:

The Playstation Card

The PlayStation card lives in the real world. Sorry, Mastercard Gold, but most of us aren't spending our time flying around the world and racking up huge credit card bills. Sony products are in every home. If you looked around your house right now, it's highly likely you'll find a Sony electronics product. Even if you don't use a PlayStation, you can still earn and redeem points for purchasing day-to-day devices like Sony televisions, stereos, and cameras if you buy them using your PlayStation card.

People love how the card lets you rack up big reward points for tech purchases. Paying your mobile phone bill with this card gets you extra rewards, too. With technology being so important in the lives of many, this is a great well-rounded card.

The Mastercard Gold

When it comes to Mastercard Gold, you’re looking at your standard travel rewards card. For example, the Mastercard Gold rewards you more heavily for airfare. Still, with the Mastercard Gold, you earn at least one point for every dollar spent, with no limitations. When you redeem your points for travel through Mastercard Gold's travel rewards program they will be worth more. You also get the higher rate when you redeem points for cash rewards as a statement credit. This means you can use the card to reap rewards in more ways than one.

The Winner

The PlayStation card from Capital One wins for crowd appeal

In this contest, the prize goes to the PlayStation card from Capital One. Both the PlayStation card and the Mastercard Gold are rewards credit cards for people with specific interests. The PlayStation card, however, has the most crowd appeal by a mile. It not only appeals to video game and tech enthusiasts, but it's also affordable for the average credit card customer.