Amex Gold Card vs. Wells Fargo Propel American Express

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What do you use your credit card for when you travel? Airfare? Dining? Maybe gas or a hotel stay? Regardless of how you use your card, it’s important to have it on you when you hit the road for your next big trip. If you’re checking out your options for a new travel rewards card, two solid choices are Wells Fargo Propel and the Amex Gold card (formerly known as the Premier Rewards Gold by American Express). Here’s why:

Wells Fargo Propel

The Wells Fargo Propel functions just like you'd expect a credit card would. It’s important to note, you can earn more points with Wells Fargo Propel if you travel by car. For the road warrior, Wells Fargo Propel offers a load of points when purchases are made at U.S. gas stations. You also get extra rewards on restaurant purchases making this good for the traveler who is a discerning diner or someone who is accustomed to eating on the go. Standard rewards points apply to all other purchases, making it beneficial to spend on this card whether you're traveling or not.

The Amex Gold

A charge card like the Amex Gold card, formerly known as Premier Rewards Gold, is different from a credit card. With a charge card, you can't carry an unpaid balance into the next month. The benefit is that these cards don’t have interest, but you only want to spend as much as you can pay each month because full payment is a requirement, not an option. Still, it functions a lot like a credit card that’s also great for racking up reward points with a hefty signup bonus.

In 2018, this card got revamped, and along with a name change Amex made a few different considerations. This card now boasts highest rewards on dining and grocery purchases, well above the competition. It also offers statement credits for dining. One thing's clear about these changes, the Amex Gold card wants to be your premier travel dining card. However, with the new updates comes a steeper fee.

The Winner

Wells Fargo Propel wins because, as of press time, it doesn’t carry an annual fee, and it lets you have a balance from month to month. Although, that doesn’t mean you should use it irresponsibly. In the end, the Amex Gold card and the Wells Fargo Propel American Express card are both quality options for travel rewards credit cards.