How to Save Money: Tips for Preparing a Nest Egg

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

If you want to save a large sum of money for the future, you are going to need to be prepared to make some sacrifices in order to reach your goals for a nest egg. In order to save more, you will either need to spend less money or earn more money or a combination of both. In this article about how to save money, we will list some tips for preparing a nest egg.

If you decide that you want to spend less money, you will first need to know how much you are spending right now. Thus, you should put together a budget and figure out where you may have unnecessary expenses. Perhaps you are putting more on your credit card than you can afford per month and are paying interest, which is turning a $100 product into a $115 product. By only spending the money you have and not paying any interest on your credit card, you can cut down on expenses.

Maybe your insurance coverage is fairly expensive. Look into discounts that you may qualify for like bundling home and auto or a good student discount. Sometimes you may also receive discounts for receiving your statements online. Finally, you could also look into different insurance companies to see if you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

Utility and technology costs might be an excellent place for you to cut on expenses. For example, just by adjusting the thermostat by a couple degrees, even just when you are at work for the day or at night — it is actually easier to fall asleep when it is colder! — you may be able to save a fair amount on utilities. Similarly, by cutting out cable or services that you do not use frequently like Hulu or other subscriptions, you may save over $500 a year. Finally, you may be able to cut your phone or internet bill some by looking into discounts or by decreasing the amount of data you have. Most people do not use normally than 1 or 2 GB per month, but many people are on an unlimited plan.

Another way to spend less money is to turn saving into a competition. If you are a young newlywed, you could try the starve and stack method. In other words, for a certain amount of time (normally 18-24 months), you attempt to live exclusively on one person’s income and save the entirety of the other person’s. By saving a substantial amount of money as a young couple, it can greatly increase the amount of money that a young couple will have later in life when they retire.

After you have considered ways that you may be able to cut on expenses, you could also look into ways to earn more. If you have been at a company for a while, you could consider asking for a raise. You could also look into renting out your house through Airbnb or acquiring a freelance job through Upwork or Fiverr. Often times, individuals have marketable skills that they may be able to utilize to earn some additional money.

In the end, it is fairly straightforward to save money and prepare a nest egg. Figure out ways that you can cut, ways that you can earn, or a combination of both. Soon that large sum of money will turn from a dream into a reality.

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