Credit Cards of the Rich and Famous

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You probably do not have the money to join the ranks of the rich and famous, but it is always interesting learning about their lives and how they spend their money. We have compiled a short list of the credit cards of the rich and famous that will make your super awesome cashback rewards card look pretty paltry. You may not ever be able to get one of these cards, but it is always fun to dream, right?

  1. American Express Centurion (Amex Black) Card

    If you can spend hundreds of thousands a dollar a year, can afford a $7,500 initiation fee and a $2,500 annual membership fee, the American Express Centurion card is definitely a credit card of the rich and famous. That is if you can secure the invitation to get one. You read that right. This card is so exclusive that you have to be invited to get one. There is no application for this card.

  2. Citi Chairman Card

    If you have a Citigroup brokerage account of a high enough value, you might have the opportunity to open up a Citi Chairman Card with perks like concierge service and travel upgrades. The credit limit is $300,000, but the annual fee of $500 is low in comparison to other credit cards of the rich and famous.

  3. Coutts World Silk Card

    Coutts Bank is the bank of the Royal Family in the United Kingdom; therefore, this credit card is only available to the exclusive few. Individuals have to hold at least $1 million in a Coutts account in order to even receive an invitation to apply for this credit card. If you fit that description, however, you will receive worldwide travel insurance and a variety of VIP offers with travel and retail companies.

  4. J.P. Morgan Reserve (Palladium) Card

    This is J.P. Morgan's elite version of the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, which has benefits like 3 points for every dollar you spend on travel, lounge access, VIP access to events, and a global TSA precheck credits. While many of the benefits are the same between the two cards, the Palladium Card is a status symbol because only the richest of people can acquire the card. You must be a member of Private Bank, which allegedly is only open to individuals who have at least $10 million in their account.

  5. The Bank of Dubai First Royale Card

    The First Royale Card is the elite of elite cards. Trimmed with gold and set with a diamond in the center, you can expect to get anything you want with this credit card. Although not much information on the card is available (likely due to its exclusivity), the First Royale Card is rumored to have no credit limits and a promise that whatever a holder desires will be acquired for him or her. That is what you would expect with a gold-trimmed card, though.

In conclusion, these five exclusive cards are the credit cards of the rich and famous. With such high stipulations for membership and sometimes expensive annual fees, you likely will never have the opportunity to hold one of these, but they definitely are cool to think about.