How to Save Money as a Walmart Shopper

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

A lot of people love going to Wally World because they know they can often find a good deal. It's great finding good prices, but there are some ways to maximize your savings and maybe even get some money back just for buying groceries.

Look for "Rollbacks" and Clearance Items

The prices at Walmart are always great, but you can really save if you find a "rollback" or a clearance item. A "rollback" means Walmart has recently cut the price indefinitely, so you will be able to save on your favorite items from here on out. A clearance item obviously will feature the deepest discount, and you can often find clearance items on the shelves at the end of an aisle, known as the "end caps".

Use a Cash Back Credit Card

Many credit cards offer more cash back specifically for grocery shopping but there's one that stands head and shoulders above the crowd. The American Express Blue Cash Preferred rolls in with an industry-best 6% at supermarkets in the U.S. You can't beat that.

There are also plenty of other cash back cards that offer good percentages back for other everyday expenses, groceries included. Just make sure you shop around and find the card that's right for you.

Consider Using the Walmart App

This is pretty cool. The Walmart app actually has a feature called "Savings Catcher" that can get you a gift card to use at the store. If you scan your receipt within seven days of shopping at Walmart, Savings Catcher will compare prices for all of the items purchased with the advertised prices of nearby retailers, including stores like Target. If Savings Catcher finds a cheaper price at a competing retailer, Walmart will load a gift card into your app for the price difference.

Look into Refurbished Electronics

You may have never thought that Walmart would be the place to go for refurbished electronics, but it is. Walmart's website has a small section for refurbished laptops, cell phones, TVs, and more. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to the selection of items, but if you are willing to be patient and are open to different models, you may be able to find a great deal. You will also get all the original accessories as well as a minimum 90-day warranty. Walmart's refurbished electronics may be able to save you hundreds on a particular item.