Special Connections Visa Signature vs. Costco Anywhere Visa

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If you’re a shopper who likes to buy in bulk, you may be considering the Costco Anywhere Visa by Citi. Why wouldn’t you? This card yields high cashback rewards on a number of purchases and caters to just about any type of shopper. Still, we’ve compared it against a more traditional cashback rewards card with a non-traditional twist—higher than average cashback rewards—to see which one comes out on top. The Special Connections Visa by Commerce bank offers above average cashback rewards on all purchases made with the card. So which one is better for you? Stay tuned to find out.

The Costco Anywhere Visa by Citi

The Costco Anywhere card offers bonus cash back on gas, dining out, travel, and Costco purchases—but you can only redeem for cash in store once a year. When you sign up for the Costco Anywhere card, you'll boost your cash back rewards on so many things. The strongest categories for cashback rewards are gas, Costco purchases, and dining, in that order. The co-branded Costco Anywhere card comes pre-printed with your photo and Costco Membership ID—so you don't need to make sure you have your Costco membership card on hand when you visit the big bulk store. That’s a convenient perk, but because these are Visa cards they don’t have to be used at Costco, and can actually be used anywhere for purchases that reap rewards.

Special Connections Visa Signature by Commerce Bank

The Special Connections card may be better for you because of its flexible cashback redemption and longer intro APR period. If you aren't already a Costco member and don't spend a lot on gas, then the Special Connections Signature card may be a better cashback card for you. Earn above average cash back on all purchases. You'll earn a flat rate, above average cashback bonus on all of your purchases—no exceptions. This is among the higher cash back rates, and it applies to all spending, without categories to pay attention to. The longer intro APR period may be attractive to those looking to make a large purchase and have more time to pay it off.

The Winner

The Costco Anywhere card wins, easily, if you want all the generous rewards exclusive to Costco. Those who like to shop in bulk will get the most bang for their buck when they sign up for the Costco Anywhere card, which boasts—yes—a bulk-sized rewards program. The card, which has no annual fee, offers a nice cashback bonus on all Costco purchases. If you spend a lot on gas each month, you'll enjoy getting whopping cash back at qualifying gas stations worldwide, including gas at Costco. With nice rewards for shopping at Costco, gas, dining and average rewards for all other purchases, you’ll be able to make the most of your Costco Anywhere card, provided you have a Costco membership.