Everything You Need to Know About Synchrony Credit Cards

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Maybe they wouldn't necessarily want to admit it, but most people have developed some sort of brand loyalty over time. Whether that be the same gas stations or grocery stores week after week, or the same clothing from a particular retailer over and over again, most people end up preferring one brand over another. That kind of loyalty can have some serious benefits and that's where Synchrony Bank comes in.

Many of Synchrony's store credit cards can only be used inside of the particular retailer carried on the card name—like JC Penney, GAP, or Lowe's—while others are simply store-branded Visa, American Express, or Mastercards, which can be used anywhere those cards are accepted. All of these cards share the features cardholders are looking for, like rewards, cash back and rebates at the stores they love the most. They also offer special deals, coupons, and discounts for being a store cardholder.

One potential drawback is that, if you're the type of person who can't pay off a balance every month, outside of promotional periods featuring 0% APR, these cards might not be for you. Because store credit cards can tend to have astronomical APRs that could leave you in a heap of trouble. Additionally, just one of these cards might not be enough, if you're a big fan of several different retailers under the Synchrony umbrella. Even so, if you can keep your monthly balances paid in full, you could be reaping benefits from severral of your favorite stores at once.

All in all, brand loyalists can take advantage of cashback benefits and rewards points from their favorite stores and as long as they don't plan to carry a balance, cards from Synchrony are definitely worth looking into.