Target REDcard Review: Their Debit vs. Credit Card

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It's a common situation: You walk into Target planning on only buying one item, and walk out with a cartload of new purchases. With either the Target REDcard credit or debit card, you could save a lot on almost everything Target sells. Keeping a few things in mind can help you find out whether the Target REDcard credit or debit cards are right for you.

  • You can only use these cards as store cards, which means they only work at Target and
  • These cards offer a flat discount on most purchases—not a cashback or points rewards program
  • Most Target REDcard purchases qualify for an extended return policy and free shipping from
  • Applying for the Target REDcard debit card doesn't require a credit check
  • You only need a 550+ credit score for the Target REDcard credit card

There is a Mastercard REDcard available to shoppers with better credit, but that’s not the card we are looking at in this article. Today, we will be discussing the differences and similarities between the store REDcard, and store REDcard debit card.

These cards offer discounts and perks that make your money go farther every time you shop at Target. Both cards offer the same rewards. You get savings and an extension for making returns on most purchases, as well as free shipping on many items at Unlike cards from American Express or other credit issuers, you can only use these cards at Target. If using the credit card, you must pay off any big purchases made on the credit card before your bill comes due or they start collecting a staggering amount of interest. Even with those drawbacks, both of these cards offer a simple, no-frills way of saving money on all your Target purchases.

Here’s a breakdown of each card:

Target REDcard credit card

Why should you get it? To build up your credit and save on Target purchases. Why should you get something else? You want a card useable anywhere or don't usually shop at Target. With this card, your credit limit could be as low as $100, but it’s a good source of accessible credit for people looking to build theirs.

Target REDcard debit card

Why should you get it? To save money at Target or Why should you get something else? You don't usually shop at Target. There is no APR with this card because it’s debit and doesn’t function as a credit line. There are a few fees, however, but nothing unusual. This is a good card people who like to shop at Target and want the savings offered by the REDcard without the temptation of spending on credit.

Final Thoughts: Target Store Cards

For shoppers with less than stellar credit, Target offers the store card REDcard, and debit card REDcard as a potential way to save money by shopping on the things you love. Even though the credit card comes with higher than average interest, and both cards have some fees, there’s nothing unusual to watch out for with these cards. In fact, the credit card could be a great way to start building credit.

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