Victoria's Secret Credit Card Review

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If you can’t help but feel like a kid in a candy shop when you walk into a Victoria’s Secret or PINK store, you may be a good candidate for the Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card. If you haven’t signed on the line yet, it’s ok. While your heart may be screaming “sign me up!”, your brain may need a bit more intel before you agree to open up another (or your very first) credit card. Today, I’ll be discussing the finer details of the Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card so you feel as confident and secure with your decision as you do when you’re wearing their merchandise.

Customers who shop at Victoria's Secret with the card will benefit from earning points, exclusive discounts and freebies, a birthday gift, and more. The major allure is the more you spend, the more you climb the ladder of rewards programs. There are three tiers of Victoria's Secret Angel Rewards: Angel, Angel VIP, and Angel Forever. Cardholders in the top tier, Angel Forever, benefit from the most freebies and discounts.

This card is good for someone looking to build their credit for a couple of reasons. First, it’s likely to start you off at a relatively low credit limit, and it isn’t recommended you keep a balance on this card. This will hopefully encourage you to build good credit habits by only spending what you can afford each month. Also, this card reports to the credit bureaus so you can raise your score while elevating your underwear game. Watch out, however, for high interest rates and fees. Like most store cards, there are lower interest cards out there for shoppers who intend to carry a balance.

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  • Quick pre-qualification is available and will not impact your credit score
  • Previous bankruptcy is not a problem
  • Fraud protection for lost or stolen cards
  • This card is accepted at over 35 Million Locations Worldwide
  • Customize your card's design for free