What Does Your Credit Card Reveal About You?

Ever wondered what your credit card says about you? Find out in this fun and quick read.

There are a lot of things that reveal something about you as a person. The way you dress indicates how you view yourself and the type of occupation you have. The way you act reveals the morals and values you have. The way you speak indicates your level of education and how formally or informally you like to communicate. Similarly, your credit card also reveals much about you. We've compiled three different ways your credit card might say more about you than you realize.

  1. The Way You Spend

    While very few people will know your credit limit or all the expenses charged on your card, your credit card is a clear indication of how you spend money. If you use your credit card for every purchase as I do, you can look at your monthly statement and see the categories where you are most likely to spend money. For example, I always spend more on gas in the summer when I am visiting friends and family and in department stores in November and December for Christmas gifts. Additionally, you also have an idea of your credit utilization ratio. Experts encourage credit card users to spend less than 30% of their monthly credit limit. If you go over this limit, you might be someone who is a spender, even if you pay off your card every month. By contrast, you may also see few expenses charged to your credit card account. If that is the case, you might be more of a saver.

  2. The Things That Interest You

    The type of credit card you choose to get reveals a lot about the things that interest you. The type of credit card you have will reveal if you prefer Southwest or American, BP or Shell, and Kroger or Harris Teeter. More broadly, it will also reveal what is most important to you right now. Some people prefer to purchase credit cards with gas rewards because they do a lot of traveling to see family. Others like grocery store cards, perhaps because they have teenage boys in their house that eat a lot of food. You may also appreciate cards with wine rewards if you are a wine connoisseur. Still, others like credit cards with travel rewards so that they can get free flights. Finally, some individuals prefer rewards cards because you get a little extra money every couple months from the points you acquire.

  3. The Type of Person You Are

    Although this category is somewhat connected to the things that interest you, the type of credit card will reveal the type of person you are. It will reveal if you are a traveler because you will certainly have a card with travel perks if you are. It may also reveal that you are a simple person because you have just a basic, generic card with no extra benefits. It could also identify you as a student because you likely will have a student credit card. Finally, it could reveal that good financial health is important to you if you hold a credit card that has extra benefits like a free credit score report.

In conclusion, just like your clothing and your attitude reveals a lot about you, your credit card may be saying more about you than you realize. It can reveal the way you spend money, the things that interest you, and the type of person you are. You may find it worthwhile to consider what your credit card reveals about you and if you like what it says. If not, you have your chance to make adjustments to what your credit card reveals about you by getting a new card or changing the way you use your current card.

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