Why Should You Use Apple Pay?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Many Americans have iPhones and other Apple products, but Apple Pay is still a relatively new way to purchase items, only accounting for 1% of retail purchases with only 14% of Americans who have linked their cards to Apple Pay in 2015. If you have an Apple product and are interested in a quicker and safer way to pay for items, Apple Pay may be a great fit for you. Here is a list of three reasons why you should use Apple Pay.

  1. It Is Safer Than Using a Credit Card

    Because Apple Pay assigns, encrypts, and stores a unique device account number for your device, you do not have to worry about your debit or credit card number being shared with merchants. Instead, the device account number is used to process your payment when you purchase an item. Your credit card number will never be transmitted with your payment. As a side note, you will never have to worry about your wallet again. If you have your iPhone or other Apple device, you can purchase items.

  2. It Could Reduce Online Fraud

    Since your credit card number is not shared with a merchant or online, Apple Pay is a significantly more secure payment method than a traditional credit card. Merchants seem to realize the improved safety of Apple Pay because occasionally merchants will offer discounts for customers using the service.

  3. It Can Be Quicker Than Using a Credit Card

    If you regularly take public transit like the DC Metro or the L, Apple Pay is significantly superior to a traditional credit card. You can load up Apple Pay using your Touch ID or face recognition, and you have 60 seconds to use the card after first engaging Apple Pay. As you are queueing up to get on the metro or public transit, you can be prepared with Apple Pay. Additionally, if you use Apple Pay for online purchases, it is much simpler, as you do not have to enter lines of information.

Even though you may not have a financial reason to switch from a traditional credit card to Apple Pay, it may be worthwhile to make the move because it is the significantly safer method. If enough Americans switch to Apple Pay, it could substantially change the safety of the consumer market. With Apple Pay, you will not need to worry as much about data breaches because your information is significantly more secure. In short, Apple Pay is simply safer and quicker than a traditional credit card.