My Credit Journey: Wine and Diner

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I have a passion for flavors, wine pairings, and finding the newest cuisine when it is still a hidden gem. My lifestyle revolves around eating out and I needed to make this affordable. I really don't enjoy cooking and I have always been on the lookout for the best restaurants, no matter where I am.

This led me to find credit cards that cater (pun intended) to this passion and reward me for doing what I love. There are a lot of cards out there for us, and I wanted to take a moment to walk you through my journey.

My Passion Is Rewarded

Whether I am grabbing a slice of pizza on the go or sitting down to 5-star dining, I needed a credit card that could keep up with me. Reward credit cards will literally let me reinvest the savings back into my adventures in dining. These cards offer cash back for dining and some cards offer cash back on entertainment and shopping. The rewards don't stop there, because of the competitive market for these cards, many cards offer a sign-up bonus.

Use Points To Savor More

Dedicated dining cards aren't the only way to enjoy a night out. There are other points cards that let you earn points toward your favorites as well. Imagine saving enough points to have an amazing weekend in Las Vegas, dining anywhere you like, and savoring every moment.

This is made possible by using credit cards to fund everything I do then, paying the balance off each month. I earn points, miles, and cash back that makes my cards invaluable. By shopping for the best cards, you can find one that suits your dining habits and keeps you rich with rewards.

Capital One Savor Rewards
Go out more; 4% cash back dining/entertainment
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Annual Fee
Recommended Credit:
Excellent Credit
  • 4% cash back on entertainment and dining
  • 2% at grocery stores. 
  • 1% on every other purchase.
  • No rotating categories

Journey to Flavor

I spend an unseemly amount to feed myself because I enjoy the better things in life. Why shouldn't I reward myself and take advantage of the amazing programs that these cards have to offer?