Zales Credit Card Review: Is It Worth It?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Looking to bedazzle a loved one in celebration of an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or holiday, but short on cash? Ready to pop the question to your soulmate, but don't have two months worth of salary saved up just yet? Maybe you just want to up your jewelry game overall? If so, you might be tempted to take advantage of the Zales credit card and the introductory interest rate offer. Wondering whether the Zales credit card is right for you? Here's the breakdown:

First ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do you have a large, one-time jewelry purchase to make?
  • Will you be able to pay off your balance in full?
  • Are you expecting a bonus or other lump sum monetary amount that will help you pay off your credit card bill before the promotional period ends?

Unless you've answered yes to the questions above—and are confident you will be able to pay off your bill before the promotional interest rate period ends—you may want to consider another card for that sparkling purchase you are planning.

The Zales card could be a good fit for the right consumer, but it does have some steep pitfalls. The biggest of those is a high interest rate and the fact that it can only be used at Zales. Let’s face it: Most people don’t have the budget to be buying bling multiple times a year. How often are you really going to use the card? That said, for the right person, making the right one-time purchase, strengths like limited fees, intro APR, and exclusive cardholder perks could make it a good fit.